Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to Orchesis dance classes?





 Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or jazz oxfords

 Pulled off the face and out of your eyes


 Bare feet

 Ballet  Ballet slippers - Canvas or leather

Not permitted: bare midriffs, hats, excessive jewellery, any revealing attire, chewing gum

May I switch into a different level mid-year?

Yes. Please consult with your regular instructor first. Your instructor will know what is best for you and assist you in making the change.

My class schedule changed/I have been seriously injured/I can no longer continue dancing for various reasons. Can I receive a refund?

In many cases, the answer is yes, but it would be prorated and a handling fee charged. Please refer to the Campus & Community Recreation (formerly Recreation Services) refund policy in back of the Activity Guide under ‘Registration). You can also find this information on-line through Campus & Community Recreation.

When I register for a full membership, am I supposed to attend both a modern and jazz dance classes each week, or may I take either modern or jazz?

With a basic Orchesis membership registration fee, you may take one class per term in any combination of modern or jazz. An additional fee will be charged for a second class. 

What if I want to take more than one class per week?

You may do so. There is an additional charge, over and above the membership fee. Please refer to the class page of this website or the current Activities Guide for additional fees.

What does the term "level appropriate" mean?

"Level appropriate" means that you should be wise and choose to take classes that reflect your previous experience or lack of it. We care about dancers and want to prevent injuries from taking a class that may not be appropriate to your skill level.

I can only take one class a week. Am I required to take two?

No. Your membership is based on a one class fee. You can take a second class for an additional discounted  fee.

Do I have to participate in Dance Motif?

No. This is an option offered at no additional cost. Dancers who participate in Orchesis are expected to volunteer (see below) some of their time so we can continue to keep this option cost free.

What type of volunteering is expected from Orchesis members?

Volunteering for Orchesis is not typically time consuming. Examples include:

  • selling tickets to Motif for 1-2 hours in designated sales area
  • helping with poster placement
  • organizing archive files in the Dance Dungeon
  • assisting with advertising sales in the concert program
  • helping to clean costumes after the performance
  • helping in the theatre before tech week

There are more responsible roles as well. These are continuing volunteer positions and they are reserved for dancers who want to help lead the group. We call this group the Volunteer Executive and the Extended Executive. These roles have membership discounts of 50% - 75% attached to them because their roles are ongoing. Please refer to the volunteer executive link on this website for information.

 I want to perform in Dance Motif, but I do not know what that requires. Is there an audition? And if so, when, and do I need to choreograph something?
Orchesis is very accessible for dancers who want to perform. You do not need to audition or choreograph anything.

  • To participate you will need to attend the choreographers' idea presentations in September (this year’s date to be determined) from 8:10 PM to ~ 9:20 PM and the choreographic process is explained with time for Q&A
  • We then introduce each choreographer to talk about their dance; each choreographer speaks for 4-5 minutes
  • Following choreographers’ presentations, dancers who are interested meet them and can sign up to be accepted if the choreographer's rehearsal time works for them and if the dance is one they want to be in.
  • Once you have signed up the choreographer will expect you to attend the first rehearsal
  • Dancers are required to attend their classes regularly for training and technique and be committed to the time requirements of their dance

May I fax my registration to the Customer Service Centre?

Yes. Faxing is an excellent alternative because Orchesis does not take registration online

  • The fax number is: 780-492-7190
  • There is a registration form on the back page of the Activity Guide

Where is the Dance Studio?
Orchesis is housed in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation (PER). PER facilities are named the Van Vliet Complex (VVC) and it has seven building numbers: 1= University Hall offices, 2= East building, 3=     , 4=Pavilion (PAV) often called the Butterdome (bright yellow exterior), 5=     , 6= West Building areas  7= The Arena portion of the WEST building.

The Dorothy Harris Dance Studio room VVC 2-635 is located in the WEST building of the VVC on the 2nd floor level, just past the Main Gym.

Many of the buildings are connected on the lower level and have clear signs telling you where to go.

Interactive Map of North Campus