Dance in your degree

How does dance fit into a university degree?

Most of the dance credit and non-credit dance classes taught at the University of Alberta are offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, which has pioneered dance education since 1964.

Dance courses are included in many degree programs as majors or minors in

  • elementary and secondary education
  • arts degrees
  • drama
  • physical education
  • music, and others

Please contact the student advisors in the faculty in which you are, or are planning to enrol. Students in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation can reach their advisors here.

The role of dance in education

  • Dance and its place in kinesthetic or tactile learning, is essential for the growth, development and well-being of your students
  • Movement stimulates the brain, and, in turn, our learning potential
  • Dance can serve as an essential tool for classroom educators in all subjects - see BrainDance
  • Dance can be taught in the classroom; it does not require a large studio